Alpha Vision Real Estate

Alpha Vision Business (Pvt) Ltd is a one-stop-shop offering a comprehensive and affordable range of real estate and property management services to save you both time and energy

About Alpha Vision Real Estate

We offer a complete property management service in Bulawayo and surroundings. We focus on rental administration, (residential, commercial, industrial and retail) including the letting of property. We are able to focus attention on the different needs of landlords and sectional title developers and owners.
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Looking to Buy or Rent?

Our team of professional AVB Agents will be on hand every step of your buying or tenancy process. The key to our success understanding you, your requirements, and making sure you get the right property to fulfil your requirements & desires. With AVB you can be at ease, as our dedicated staff will be available throughout the week. We will handle legal documentations, property assessments and assist you in making sure your dream home will become a reality

Real Estate Consultancy Services

Our dedicated team of experts will provide you with an array of services which includes Investment advice, legal guidance, property assessments, valuations and survey requirements.

Thinking of Selling?

When you work with us, you can be sure that you will have complete access to our extensive knowledge, expertise, experience and negotiating skills for you to find the best market price. We’ll keep you up to date on market movements including prices, financing options & thorough information of competing properties. With AVB, you will know exactly how-to & when-to Sell your property.

Property Management Services

You can enjoy complete peace of mind while we manage your property when you are away with our absentee landlord management service. From finding reliable tenants to ensuring all legal compliances are met, we will cover every aspect of renting & managing your property. This truly is the ultimate hands-off approach for Landlords; will arrange everything on your behalf from repair needs, bill payments, hand-over & take-over of the property etc.